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Finding actionable care improvement and revenue enhancing interventions from the entire medical record
Image by Robynne Hu


Revenue enhancement opportunities

Uses all information to ensure the patient's coded diagnosis set is complete and supported by appropriate documentation 

Additional needed clinical interventions

Patients at risk for care deterioration, indicated referrals to specialist, telehealth migration opportunities, and care management opportunities

Gaps-in-care and quality metrics  

HEDIS(R), STARS, and organizational-specific quality metrics

Addressable social issues

Finding, and coding, food and housing insecurity, financial instability, exposure to violence, and other SDOHs, along with ADL limitations and other barriers to care  

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Using the whole medical record

Effective population health requires a deep, timely understanding of the the patient, their clinical needs, and the context under which they consume healthcare. This can only be accomplished by unlocking all the clinical insights contained in the medical notes, combining it with the known structured data, and appropriately consolidating the insights into an actionable patient summary. Key to accomplishing this is:
  • Addressing the complexities of clinical data sets in general
  • Coding, grouping, and aggregation of patient clinical insights
  • Separating family histories, rule-outs, anticipatory guidance and other non-specific artifact from actionable patient information 
  • Removing ambiguities and contradictions in the medical record 

Architected for the health enterprise

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Architected from the ground up to meet even the most stringent healthcare data security requirements, and satisfy HIPAA and other health data security regulations. 

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Data integration

Able to extract data from and exchange data with every major commercial EMR, as well as payor claims and care management systems. 

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Supports multiple methods of data exchange, workflow integration, and coding schemas-- simplifying deployment and operation. 

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Cloud-based solution designed to support millions of patients and thousands of users in both real-time and batch data processing modes. 

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End user focused

Designed in conjunction with clinician end-users, with specific emphasis on ease-of-use and click minimization. 

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