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KAID Health extracts structured and unstructured clinical data from EMRs and other systems to identify revenue, quality and cost opportunities, and then drives action at the point of care. 

Combining Whole Chart Analysis™ with NLITE™ Technology for Provider Engagement and Activation

KAID makes doing the right thing for patients easier and more profitable

KAID Health makes all providers more effective and efficient in doing the right thing for each patient, while allowing them to profit from delivering improved care. We ensure all patient data is easily employed to support care delivery, regardless of source or format. KAID also improves fee-for-service profitability, while enabling transition to profitable value-based reimbursement models.
What We Do

Transforming the medical chart into actions by the care team  


Identify Opportunities

Turn raw data into profitable actions. KAID aggregates the claims and EMR data (structured), including the analysis of medical notes (unstructured), and identifies the actions that need to be taken for each patient. The platform finds revenue capture, quality, and cost-efficiency opportunities.


Reward Activity

Appropriately incentivize, in real-time, the providers and support staff who successfully execute the interventions. KAID translates analytics to action by promoting team-based care and connecting clinician actions with financial rewards.


Ensure Task Completion

Track and report on the execution of patient interventions by the care team throughout the entire workflow. KAID makes it easy, and profitable, for each care team to quickly act on recommendations, allowing non-clinicians, nurses, as well as physicians to act in concert to meet the needs of the patient.  

Free Up Clinician Time

Reduce the time and burden of finding all relevant patient information, distilling complex medical records into “skimable,” accurate summaries, and prioritizing what needs to get done for each patient.

Our Platform

healthcare analytics & provider engagement technology

KAID is the only closed loop platform for extracting structured and unstructured clinical data from the EMR and other systems, using this information to identify revenue, quality and cost opportunities, and then driving action at the point of care. 

Whole Chart Analysis™
Understands all of the patient’s health data to identify and prioritize the appropriate interventions.

Powered by NLITE™ Technology
NLITE (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) finds all key insights needed in medical text, without burdening clinicians with noise and bad recommendations. 
Our Platform

KAID Patient Analyzer™

Aggregates already structured claims and EMR information with NLP-derived insights from medical notes into a common searchable data model, thus allowing clinicians to easily find all the patient information they  need.

KAID Cohort Manager™

Allows provider groups to easily identify the coding, risk-adjustment, quality, treatment, and care management gaps, in their patient panel without requiring any programming or technical skills. Providers can begin with our out-of-the-box starter queries, or they can “make their own” to achieve their specific objectives.

KAID Opportunity Manager™

Inherits cohorts created in KAID Health, or other opportunity lists created elsewhere, and translates them into tasks for the treating care team. Such tasks include reference content, due dates, customizable priority scores, and incentives available for the task’s timely completion. The tasks are then automatically distributed to the patient’s associated care team for resolution and tracked until completion.


For Payers

Promote/incentivize actionable campaigns to providers, identified directly from the providers’ EMRs, to drive reimbursement and quality.

For Providers

Generate new revenues for addressing clinical and operational issues, while better addressing your patients' needs.


Only KAID Health Provides

KAID Health Profitable Collaboration

Profitable Collaboration

Brings togethers payers and providers on a single platform, ensuring each provider is properly incentivized to do all that needs to be done for each patient.

KAID Health AI-based Analytics

AI and NLP-Based Analytics

Unlocks all data in EMR via AI and NLP to continually identity care and documentation improvement opportunities, including HCC coding & documentation quality, HEDIS/STARS, clinical interventions, and patient engagement.

KAID Health Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solution

Combines EMR clinical analytics, workflow tracking, and incentives management into a single collaborative care platform.

The Power of Whole Chart Analysis to Improve Collaborative Care

The KAID platform automates multiple elements of collaborative care by leveraging all available patient data. Rather than relying on non-specific and often untimely claims feeds, KAID employs NLITE technology to ensure all care activities are driven by the entirety of the medical record, regardless of format or source system.

KAID helps care teams identify patients who would benefit from interventions, creates structured care plans for patients around those needs, and tracks compliance with those plans. 
Power of AI
Free Downloads

Free White Paper Downloads

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Payer/provider patient co-management

More profitable care from patient-centric payer/provider collaboration

Here, we attempt to address a fundamental healthcare issue: how can providers and payers work together for the benefit of the patient when their individual roles in the overall system are evolving rapidly? Tactically, we propose a new model: “payer/provider patient co-management.” This approach can create billions of dollars of value to the health system and to the innovators who move fast to capture it. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 11.19.18

Supporting empathetic behavioral health care with AI

Part 1 - Unlocking insights from unstructured data

Meeting the massive unmet need for behavioral healthcare requires innovating new care models, ones that leverage technologies to increase efficiency and efficacy.  Artificial Intelligence will enable this transformation, including the ability to better identify at-risk patients, stratify their risk, intervene appropriately, and manage their care ongoing. The first step in this journey is to unlock all the data healthcare organizations already know about the patient. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 10.39.06

Crossing the clinical natural language processing chasm

7 Requirements for cNLP to be Mainstream in Population Health

While Clinical Natural Language Processing  holds great promise to transform care management, seven barriers must be overcome. Fortunately, modern technology makes this achievable. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 12.23.16

From words to insight to automated empathy

10 Ways Natural Language Processing (NLP) Will Transform Care Management

This paper explores 10 ways organizations of all sizes can use AI and Natural Language Processing to profoundly improve the efficiency and efficacy of existing Care Management programs while moving towards an AI-driven, empathy-centric care model for all patients.

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