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Grow revenue, lower costs,
reduce risks & improve outcomes 

Unlock actionable insights from all patient data

Without Insight, Data is Useless...  

Today, actionable patient data is scattered in multiple systems across the health ecosystem. It exists in multiple formats, ranging from highly structured paid claims to unstructured free text in medical notes. Such fragmented information deprives clinicians of the insights and time needed to do the right thing. They also lack the incentives to overcome these challenges manually. Therefore, both care quality and profitability suffer.


...Without Actions, Insights Are Useless.

KAID aggregates the claims and EMR data, including the insights buried in medical notes. KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™ allows providers to analyze the entire medical record, including structured claims and EMR data, to aggregate the structured claims and EMR information KAID Health’s NLITE™ technology (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) finds key insights needed in medical text, without overburdening clinicians with the noise of inaccurate recommendations. The platform identifies the actions that each patient needs most and pushes those improvement opportunities to the treating providers.


Reward Activity

Appropriately incentivize, in real-time, the providers and support staff who successfully execute interventions. KAID translates analytics to action by promoting team-based care and connecting clinicians’ actions with financial rewards.


Ensure Task Completion

Track and report on the execution of patient interventions by the care team throughout the entire workflow. KAID makes it easy and profitable for each care team to act quickly on recommendations, allowing non-clinicians, nurses, and physicians to act in concert to meet the needs of the patient.


Free Up Clinician Time

Reduce the time and burden of finding all relevant patient information, distilling complex medical records into “skimmable,” accurate summaries, and prioritizing what needs to be done for each patient.


KAID Health is proud to have supported a study that validates the potential utility of its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology in clinical research.

Read the Research now in Anesthesia & Analgesia.


A Mission for Healthcare Efficiency and Profitability

KAID Health was founded by a veteran team of healthcare IT and population health innovators to make care delivery more efficient, effective, and profitable for providers, their payers, and Accountable Care Organization partners.


Today, KAID Health’s technology is used nationwide by leading providers, health systems, academic medical centers, and payers to automate various workflows, including coding accuracy, quality measurement, prior authorization support, and pre-operative assessment. 

“KAID has been a wonderful partner, allowing us to automate the identification of high-value clinical information, which has helped us drive actionable, patient-specific interventions that enhance patient outcomes and improve financial performance.”

Jeffrey_L (1).png

Jeffrey Lowenkron, MD

Chief Medical Officer

The Villages Health


Here's How It Works

Your ROI

Our experts will conduct a FREE Chart Analysis based on a sample of your EMR data to show the potential ROI KAID Health can bring to your organization.


High-Value Insights

During our guided installation process, our team will collaborate with your clinicians to customize our platform to fit your EMR system and your specific needs.


Turn Clinical Data Into Profit

Use KAID Health’s KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™ to help you leverage patient data to find new revenue, mitigate risk and improve care.

New Changes in CMS Regulations

2024 Final Medicare Advantage Rule Five Requirements to Survive and Thrive

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Turn clinical data into
high-value insights, profitable actions, and proactive care.

Without insights, data is useless. Use KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™ to help you leverage patient data to find new revenue, mitigate risk and improve care.

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