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Value-Based Coding

Your single solution for AI-powered medical coding, quality monitoring 

& clinical analytics.


Better data means better, and
more profitable care

Better data means better, and
more profitable care

Your coding and clinical teams deserve it all.

We bring leading, academically validated coding & clinical analytic SaaS technology to each healthcare organization. Our world-class coding teams ensure all providers succeed under fee-for-service, capitation, ACOs, and everything in between.

Whole Chart Analysis™

Using all EMR and HIE data, including medical notes, to find all that needs to be done...  

Harnessing the power of AI

Whole Chart Analysis™

powered by NLITE™


Natural Language Insight &

Term Extraction 

The vast majority of patient data in an EMR is unstructured and thus often ignored. Billing, coding, care management, and other analytic processes suffer as a result. KAID Health's NLITE™ technology uses modern language modeling to extract meaning from medical notes, be they text, PDFs, or other formats, to improve coding and care. 



in net new revenue

The Villages Health was able to generate $2.5M in net new revenue because of the clinical insights more fully captured patients' underlying disease burden.


 Journal of Medical Practice Management, 2022

Best in class, peer-reviewed AI

KAID Health's validated A.I. outperforms physicians in summarizing medical charts

KAID uses a complex pipeline of language models and other forms of AI to cost-effectively and accurately summarize medical notes, structured EMR data, and claims.

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Solving healthcare's most significant challenges

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