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Building America's Healthiest Hometown...

How KAID Health's Whole Chart Analysis(TM) helps make this a reality

Presented at HIMSS23 Conference

The Villages Health (TVH) is a 75-physician multi-specialty group built at the request of The Villages® active living community (Central Florida). TVH, since its inception in 2010, has been aggressive in operating under value-based care models, including full-risk capitation. To support this model, TVH has always used an electronic medical record (EMR), invested in analytics, built a sophisticated coding team, and conducted extensive training on documentation quality. Despite these investments, clinical leadership believed key patient attributes were not fully captured as structured information but rather were buried in the EMR’s text. Key among these were patient problems. This negatively affects care efficiency, clinical efficacy, and revenue capture. Using Clinical Natural Language Understanding (cNLU), TVH was able to identify previously hard-to-access clinical attributes in at least 15% of its patient population. In an initial pilot, TVH provided care teams with more complete problem lists with conditions identified for evaluation and management. The system was able to generate $2.5M in net new revenue as the clinical insights more fully captured patients’ underlying disease burdens. Finally, the technology was able to be employed beyond disease registry creation and coding support to quality management.


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