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Panel addresses how AI is already creating real value for patients, providers, and the healthcare system today.

Kevin Agatstein, CEO of KAID Health, joined Trey Sutten, CEO of Siftwell Analytics and Matt Coughlin, CEO of XSell Technologies, for a panel discussion, "AI: What's Actionable Now and How" last week, in Snowbird, UT. The panel explored multiple uses of AI in supporting patient care, including pre-visit triaging, care planning, intra-visit decision support, and billing & coding. 


Several themes emerged from the discussion. First was starting with a defined, high-priority business/clinical objectives for any AI initiative. Just as important was measuring the outcomes of the initiatives against plan. Finally, the concepts of transparency and data-rights were addressed.


The event, hosted by Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) and Winter Street Ventures, brought together healthcare leaders in from across the US. Other topics addressed at the event were meeting the unique challenges of managing complex patients, and funding that care. 


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