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KAID Health launches PRIDE™ HCC coding technology and supporting services

BOSTON — Feb. 29 2024 — KAID Health, the leader in clinical analytics and patient chart summarization, announced the launch of its Patient Risk Identification & Data Extraction (PRIDE™) application, along with the formation of its new Coding Services Group. This new technology and the medical coding services organization help providers code more accurately and completely while improving care. KAID Health has already proven its technology can reduce labor costs and audit risks, including allowing healthcare organizations to appropriately navigate the challenges of HCC v28 and other risk-adjustment models. In addition to improved coding accuracy, KAID Health has shown it enhances care quality by giving staff access to required patient data, and creating the time necessary to use that information.


PRIDE is a scalable streaming service that automatically identifies HCC coding and care quality opportunities from medical records in real time. PRIDE analyzes each new medical note; integrates its content with past EMR information; and suggests beneficial, patient-level clinical and coding interventions. PRIDE is a module in KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™ platform, which providers are deploying to reduce the time required to review a medical record by more than 80% while improving access to patient data. Better data means more accurate coding, more revenue capture, and lower audit risks.


In addition to launching PRIDE, KAID Health has created a technology-powered Coding Services Group. By giving customers access to AAPC®-certified risk coders trained on KAID Health technology, providers can ensure each patient’s total disease burden is captured and documented, yielding immediate increases in HCC coding accuracy and completeness. Customers can rely on KAID’s Coding Services Group entirely or partially, depending on their changing needs.


Results published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management (JMPM, 2021) profiled how one provider raised risk revenues by more than $2.5M in the first few months of deployment while finding useful clinical information for 15% of its patient panel with KAID technology. Researchers at the University of California San Diego Health showed that the technology could summarize medical records on par with physicians (Anest & Analgesia, 2022). With PRIDE, these proven analytics run continuously on EMR data. 


“By automatically surfacing risk-based coding and documentation improvement opportunities, provider organizations have a unique ability to ensure all revenues to which they are rightfully entitled are captured and supported by accurate medical documentation,” said Kevin Agatstein, KAID Health’s CEO. “Given rising staff costs, it is no longer practical to have large coding and quality teams review enormous volumes of medical records each day. With KAID, coding and quality staff resources can be much more efficient and effective while allowing health systems to invest in growth and direct patient care,” Agatstein said.


KAID Health’s technology, including its new PRIDE module, helps improve HCC versions 24, 28, 22, CDPS and other risk-adjustment modules. Unlike other encounter-centric risk-coding solutions, KAID uses all current and past data to identify patients for code suspecting and auditing. Further, as the company published in Population Health Management (2023), the same analytics can provide quality data, reveal gaps in care, and streamline prior authorizations. Today, KAID integrates with over 50 different EMR systems as well as health information exchange platforms and other third parties. KAID Health’s Coding Services Group delivers providers best-in-class coder training, physician education, and outsourcing options, making HCC improvement effortless.


“With KAID Health, coders, physicians, and staff can take pride in the quality of their clinical documentation, knowing they are employing all patient data to deliver the highest care quality they can provide,” Agatstein said.


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About KAID Health: KAID Health makes care delivery more efficient, effective and profitable for providers, their payers and their accountable care organization partners. Its Whole Chart Analysis™ platform extracts all relevant data from electronic medical records, including structured data and texts. The platform identifies the patient care interventions needed for providers to achieve their clinical, financial or operational objectives. In parallel, KAID Health gives payers a comprehensive overview of members’ health situations by combining claims and EMR data. Leading providers, health systems, academic medical centers and payers use KAID Health’s technology to automate workflows, including coding, quality measurement, prior authorization support and preoperative assessment.


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