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KAID Health’s CEO Kevin Agatstein to Attend ViVE 2023


KAID Health, an AI-powered healthcare data analysis and provider engagement platform to optimize care quality and reimbursement, will be attending ViVE 2023. The event will convene senior and executive leaders in the digital healthcare space with a focus on the business of healthcare.


During ViVE, KAID Health’s Kevin Agatstein, CEO, and Kevin Kupitz, Chief Revenue Officer, will be available to discuss how to leverage idle patient data to improve care efficiency, healthcare organization financial performance, and most importantly, patient outcomes.

Across the healthcare ecosystem, actionable patient data is scattered throughout health systems, existing in multiple formats and ranging from highly structured paid claims to unstructured free-text medical notes. This fragmentation deprives healthcare providers of actionable insights to inform treatment plans. KAID Health is solving this challenge with its Whole Chart Analysis™ platform, which draws healthcare data from multiple sources. The NLITE™ (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) technology then employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract and aggregate all relevant data from electronic health records, structured claims data, and the valuable insights buried within medical notes. The platform can identify necessary care interventions to understand the whole patient – including clinical, behavioral, and key social factors.

KAID Health ensures all care coordination activities are driven by the entirety of a patient’s health record to do good and do well simultaneously.

To schedule a meeting with Kevin Agatstein at ViVE, please contact Kay Blazar.


March 26-29, 2023.


ViVE will be held at Music City Center, 201 Rep. John Lewis Way S, in Nashville, TN 37203.

About KAID Health KAID Health is a healthcare analytics and provider engagement technology company. KAID summarizes the totality of the patient’s health with our Whole Chart Analysis, making it easy to identify and prioritize the revenue capture, care quality, and cost-efficiency opportunities for each patient. Our NLITE™ technology (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) aggregates the structured claims and EMR information along with the insights buried in medical notes. Making this information actionable, with care team incentives, improves the profitability of providers under all reimbursement mechanisms. The platform has a proven ability to improve HCC coding, quality reporting, care standardization, prior authorization, visit preparation/general chart review, and care management. Developed in partnership with leading provider organizations, KAID Health brings decades of healthcare IT and clinical analytics experiences to healthcare institutions to improve care delivery and business profitability. KAID Health is based in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit

Media Contact:

Kay Blazar



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