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TVH Showcases KAID Health Tech in Journal of Medical Practice Management

Natural Language Insight and Term Extraction solution improved clinician efficiency, senior care quality, and Medicare Advantage reimbursement

Boston, MA — Nov. 10, 2022 — KAID Health, a healthcare analytics and provider engagement technology company, announced that The Villages Health’s (TVH) case study was published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management. The study highlights KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™ and NLITE™ (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) technology that improves care delivery. TVH is a healthcare system operating under a value-based care model specifically designed for active senior lifestyles in The Villages® Community in central Florida. KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis allows providers to analyze the entire medical record, including structured claims and electronic medical record (EMR) data, along with insights extracted from medical notes. Using NLITE technology, TVH identified previously hard-to-access clinical attributes on at least 15 percent of its patient population and provided care teams with more complete problem lists for evaluation and management. The system also generated $2.5M in net new revenue as the clinical insights more comprehensively captured patients’ underlying disease burdens.

"Within legacy EMR data, most clinical information exists as unstructured information or free text notes. These patient results, images, videos, and more are not conducive to traditional analytics; however, the data is useful for designing care plans that improve patient outcomes," explained Jeffrey Lowenkron, M.D., MPP, chief medical officer, The Villages Health. "TVH takes financial responsibility for the cost of care, and since our outcomes are aligned with patient outcomes, it is imperative that our patients' medical charts be as actionable as possible. Upon integration, KAID Health focused on identifying select conditions within our patients’ EMR that were not fully captured on the problem list, or on a claim to a carrier. Whole Chart Analysis provided care teams with more complete problem lists with conditions identified for treatment that legitimately improves care for patients. The NLITE technology integration resulted in a 10-times return on investment and improved care for our patients."

For systems paid under capitation, the financial impact of a more comprehensive problem list can have a profound impact on reimbursement and cost management activities. Manually maintaining an accurate problem list is challenging and error prone. The case study showcased how KAID Health’s technology identified quality-improving and revenue-enhancing clinical insights buried in legacy EMR data. The raw source data file contained structured clinical information and unstructured medical notes. For the structured data, NLITE excludes duplicates and unreadable data and identified 113K problems, 2.5M medications, and 2.3M lab values, all of which were then added to the database. For the textual data, a total of 570K notes were identified for analysis. These actionable insights enabled TVH to deliver high-value and tactical care and coding interventions for its Medicare Advantage patients.

“In order to make real change in healthcare, you need technological prowess, partnership with providers, and academic validation. This is an important milestone in achieving that triad and we’re proud of our continued work with TVH,” shared Kevin Agatstein, CEO of KAID Health.

During HLTH 2022, Lowenkron and Agatstein will present the Tech Talk, “Building America’s Healthiest Hometown — How Whole Chart Analysis™ helps The Villages Health achieve that vision,” on November 15 from 4:00-4:10 PM PST, on the Tech Talk Stage at the Venetian Expo. To learn more about Whole Chart Analysis and NLITE technology, meet with the KAID Health team in booth #4546.

The paper, Improving ongoing maintenance of an actionable problem list with AI-enabled chart review, was featured in the November/December 2022 issue of the Journal of Medical Practice Management published by the American Association for Physician Leadership. To read the case study, please visit

About The Villages Health

The Villages Health (TVH) is a patient-centered, community-based health care model with seven primary care centers and two specialty care centers, including The Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood. Primary care clinicians and specialists work together toward a common goal to empower residents of The Villages and surrounding communities to live out their dreams by keeping them healthy and healing them quickly. In doing so, TVH is creating America’s Healthiest Hometown®.

TVH’s team of over 140 clinicians, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other qualified medical professionals offer comprehensive, coordinated primary care services and 13 specialty care services to more than 60,000 people.

To learn more, visit

About KAID Health

KAID Health is a healthcare analytics and provider engagement technology company. KAID summarizes the totality of the patient’s health with our Whole Chart Analysis, making it easy to identify and prioritize the revenue capture, care quality, and cost-efficiency opportunities for each patient. Our NLITE™ technology (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) aggregates the structured claims and EMR information along with the insights buried in medical notes. Making this information actionable, with care team incentives, improves the profitability of providers under all reimbursement mechanisms. The platform has a proven ability to improve HCC coding, quality reporting, care standardization, prior authorization, visit preparation/general chart review, and care management. Developed in partnership with leading provider organizations, KAID Health brings decades of healthcare IT and clinical analytics experiences to healthcare institutions to improve care delivery and business profitability. KAID Health is based in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit


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