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KAID Health Completes SOC 2 HIPAA Audit

Healthcare compliance assessment validates the company’s dedication to safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Boston, MA — March 16, 2023 — KAID Health, an AI-powered health care data analysis and provider engagement platform, has successfully completed the Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) audit. The assessment conducted by A-LIGN authenticates the operating effectiveness of KAID Health’s control environment to protect highly confidential patient data.

Theft of Protected Health Information (PHI) places patients and health plan members at risk of identity theft and fraud, but the biggest concern is the threat to patient safety, according to The HIPAA Journal’s 2022 Healthcare Data Breach Report. As a result, health insurance providers are increasingly requesting SOC 2 HIPAA reports from healthcare IT organizations to validate compliance initiatives.

KAID Health delivers highly focused and accurate clinical insights to help make care delivery more efficient and effective for payers, leading providers, health systems, and academic medical centers. The healthcare data analysis and provider engagement platform, Whole Chart Analysis™, draws health data from multiple sources with the ability to understand the meaning of medical notes, not merely cataloging the terms listed but also claims data and unstructured medical notes. From there, KAID Health’s Natural Language Insight and Term Extraction (NLITE™) solution aggregates similar clinical concepts in free text notes regardless of how they are written and secures usable data from disparate, often messy, source systems. KAID's approach minimizes unwanted variation, lowers costs, and improves patient outcomes.

"Safeguarding sensitive patient health and identifiable information is a core component of KAID Health's Whole Chart Analysis platform and NLITE solution," explains Kevin Agatstein, CEO of KAID Health. "Our technology helps payers and healthcare providers extract all relevant health data from electronic medical records, including structured data and text. Utilizing this data is not taken lightly. We require stringent safety and security practices to be in place to ensure the safety and security of PHI and PII."

About KAID Health

KAID Health makes care delivery more efficient, effective, and profitable for providers and their payers and Accountable Care Organization partners. Its Whole Chart Analysis platform extracts all relevant data from electronic medical records, including structured data and text, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The solution identifies the patient care interventions needed for providers to achieve their clinical, financial, or operational objectives. In parallel, KAID Health extends to payers a comprehensive view of members’ health by combining claims and EMR data. Today, KAID Health’s technology is used by leading providers, health systems, academic medical centers, and payers to automate a variety of workflows, including coding accuracy, quality measurement, prior authorization support, and pre-operative assessment. The company was founded by a veteran team of healthcare information technology and population health innovators. It is based in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit

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