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OPN Healthcare to Leverage KAID's NLP Technology for Value-Based Oncology Care

Deployment of Real-World Natural Language Processing marks first use case for oncology prior authorization.

Boston, MA — December 15, 2022 KAID Health, an AI-powered health care data analysis and provider engagement platform, has partnered with OPN Healthcare, a U.S. network of community oncology providers to improve oncology care delivery. The company will implement KAID Health’s Whole Chart Analysis™, which draws healthcare data from multiple sources, and NLITE™ (Natural Language Insight & Term Extraction) solutions to enhance OPN’s technology platform. The Note Analyzer feature of KAID Health’s platform automatically extracts the clinical data required by pharmacists, nurses, and other caregivers to make an accurate determination of guideline compliance. This fast-tracks OPN’s compliance process by improving turnaround times for prior authorization and providing detailed clinical reporting.

KAID Health’s suite of technology solutions is making care delivery more efficient and effective. NLITE addresses key technological issues that to-date have hindered the widespread adoption of natural language processing (NLP) for prior authorization. NLITE aggregates similar clinical concepts in notes regardless of how they are written by the clinician and secures usable data from disparate, often messy, source systems. This minimizes unwanted variation, lowers costs, and improves patient outcomes. Whole Chart Analysis is able to understand the meaning of medical notes, not merely cataloging the terms listed but also claims data and unstructured medical notes.

“When it comes to cancer, we don’t have time to wait. By partnering with KAID Health, we can improve our prior authorization workflows to help patients get access to care, faster,” says Arinjay Madhav, VP of Strategy & Operations at OPN Healthcare. “By integrating Real-World NLP, we can streamline workflows, refine our benchmarking, improve our quality reporting and reduce time-to-treatment. These are vital components in our strategy to improve patient care and clinician workflow.”

OPN helps to align physician practices with healthcare payers to deliver quality oncology care while managing costs. However, ensuring the appropriate use of high cost, highly specific, novel oncology medications is a significant challenge for the industry. At the same time, traditional prior authorization processes are often seen as burdensome to physicians and disjointed from the care process. OPN partnered with KAID Health to develop a new approach that utilizes the Note Analyzer feature with NLITE technology for its ability to serve timely, accurate, and consistent information needed for users when they need it most. OPN’s implementation of NLITE technology is the first time it has been utilized for oncology prior authorization.

“KAID Health’s NLITE technology helps OPN Healthcare, and its oncology provider partners, by automatically extracting patient data from the medical record. In doing so, oncologists realize the benefits of effective utilization management without the overhead cost,” says Kevin Agatstein, CEO of KAID Health. “This important oncology use case is a major step in KAID Health’s mission to ensure the entire patient record drives the delivery of informed, coordinated, and empathic care.”

The OPN and KAID Health initiative followed an extensive proof-of-concept phase. Future plans include expanding the application of this technology to other areas of OPN’s Care Management services.

About KAID Health

KAID Health makes care delivery more efficient, effective, and profitable for providers and their payers and Accountable Care Organization partners. Its Whole Chart Analysis platform extracts all relevant data from electronic medical records, including structured data and text, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. The solution identifies the patient care interventions needed for providers to achieve their clinical, financial, or operational objectives. In parallel, KAID Health extends to payers a comprehensive view of members’ health by combining claims and EMR data. Today, KAID Health’s technology is used by leading providers, health systems, academic medical centers, and payers to automate a variety of workflows, including coding accuracy, quality measurement, prior authorization support, and pre-operative assessment. The company was founded by a veteran team of healthcare information technology and population health innovators. It is based in Boston, MA. To learn more, visit

About OPN Healthcare

OPN Healthcare is a technology-enabled specialty healthcare services company focused on cancer care. It partners with physicians and aligns their practices with health insurance organizations and other healthcare payers to deliver quality oncology care while managing costs efficiently. With more than twenty years of experience, OPN manages the medical and radiation oncology needs for over 1 million enrollees, facilitating best in class, value-based oncology care for over 44,000 unique oncology patients annually. It understands the many challenges that oncologists face in today’s healthcare environment and has developed infrastructure to navigate those challenges while achieving reduced costs and improved patient satisfaction. OPN works to mitigate an environment of expensive new therapies, escalated costs, reduced access and limited patient benefit.

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